IRLP Quick start instructions


Here are some instructions that should help get you comfortable using IRLP on the 147.12 repeater. It is here for members to use; so enjoy it. Remember that a 100 hertz PL tone is required to access the repeater.


The 147.120 repeater is currently connected most of the time to a reflector. This system is called the interlinked system and its node number is 9050. You can find folks from the Western part of New York, as well as Long island, Cleveland, Michigan, and parts of Florida. This is a large conference so when you are talking on the local repeater, you are of course being heard on the entire system. Here are the instructions:


        When you wish to access IRLP, press the PTT and announce your call. Remember to wait a second or 2 after keying up and before speaking because of the tone on the repeater. Indicate you are accessing IRLP and release the mike. Press the PTT again and dial 73 to ensure you are disconnected from the reflector. You will hear a message indicating the reflector link is clear. If you do not hear anything then the local repeater is not connected to any other system.


        Press the PTT again and dial the node number for the node you wish to connect with. (You can find a list of nodes at; you can pick one out in the city or area you wish to try having a QSO).


        After dialing the node and releasing your PTT, you should hear a message indicating you are connected. If there was a problem with the call you will receive an error message.


        Unlike repeater protocol, it is permitted to call CQ on an IRLP system although a long CQ is not expected. Alternatively of course, you may call a friend if your intent was to meet someone on their system. Remember to wait a couple seconds before transmitting in order to make sure that all the connections are made electronically. The rule of thumb with IRLP is to leave longer breaks between transmissions in order to ensure that the tails on repeaters have dropped.


        Have your QSO or simply listen to see what activity might be available. When you are finished and want to disconnect, indicate you are disconnecting and dial 73 to release the system. As noted above you will hear a message saying the link is now clear.


        Remember, a node number brings up a system, 73 disconnects.


        Some shortcut IRLP node commands:


IRLP Command or Macro



Disconnect from IRLP


Two 1000 hertz tones will be transmitted.


Reflector 9050


New England Reflector 9123

3* Space Shuttle Audio, Reflector 9877
4* NYC Interconnect
5* East Coast Reflector, used for Hurricanes





John, W2QCY

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